• Workshops and women's groups

    Come along to a workshop that is fun, purposeful, playful and practical. Join me on your journey of self-discovery. Start with reconnecting with the body and your higher self. Or join me for a women's group to manage stress or make your dreams happen. Or one of the other workshops we have coming up.


    Life shouldn't be hard. It isn't about judgement of yourself or others. It's about finding your flow. And my purpose is to help you find what that is for you.

    F*ck the stress or overwhelm: Let's get rid of it for good

    Woman's support network and coaching group (sorry lads, there is one is just for the ladies)

    Next session Feb 21, 6 - 9pm

    £20 per person (drop in whenever feels right for you)

    Book tickets here

    Fully booked for 24 Jan. Next date 7 Feb 2018.


    It's time to end stress and overwhelm. We know that it is having a negative effect on our lives, our relationships and how we feel about ourselves. So why as women, are we inclined to just hold on and wait it out. Thinking something may change.


    Join me: I'm a coach and trainer, with lots of experience in both areas. I've had my own journey with stress and overwhelm and I didn't handle it very well. To be honest I just ignored it and it didn't make me a nice person. I don't want anyone else to have to go through that. So I'm on a mission to support women to understand themselves, create change in their lives and learn some coping tools to be able to manage when stressful situations happen (because that's life, stressful situations happen, but that doesn't have to turn into stress). And if all of that fails, we'll put together some goals to help you make change in your life and support you on the way.


    This is a welcoming group. No judgements. We all have different journeys and different things going on in our lives. Let's just be there to support each other.


    The structure is fluid. But here is what you can expect. Each week will be different, depending what is coming up for everyone.

    • Grab coffee or wine or drink of your choice
    • Meet any new attendees (don't worry, it's just a quick hello)
    • Short meditation
    • Discuss what's happening for you (if you want to share) and talk about in tools to change those situations for individuals where appropriate
    • Share techniques and tools for managing stress and overwhelm
    • Next steps (where appropriate)

    My experience and the tools we'll use are: a little emotional intelligence, a little NLP, a lot of mindset, a little of choice, a little change our perspective, a little understanding what we need to do change the situation, a little dynamics of relationships, a little law of attraction, a little energy techniques, a little brain science and as much coaching and support as you need.


    Location: Waterstones, Piccadilly

    Wednesday 6 - 8.30/9pm

    Cost £20 per session

    Limited numbers per group

    Next session: Wednesday - 21 Feb 2018


    Come whenever feels right for you. There is no need to come each fortnight (unless you want). But you will need to pre-book, so we have enough spaces.


    If you want to come and struggling with the money right now. Send me a quick email and we can discuss.



    1-2-1 meditation in London


    Are you new to meditation or want to start to meditate or want to do a 1-2-1 meditation session? I'm Melanie. My business is helping individuals find balance.


    If you live in London, zone 1 - 2, I'll come to your home and do a 50 minute session with you. We'll do an intuitive guided meditation or breath meditation together.


    You'll start by practicing your breathing and then a 30 minute meditation. If you aren't in London, we can do a session via Skype


    I've been meditating since I was 12. I am a mind-full wellbeing mentor and run how to meditate workshops and the occasional meditation class.

    Instructions for booking:


    Email - choosealifeyoulove@gmail.com to indicate time, postcode (or if youd like a skype session) and date. I'll confirm within 24 hours if I'm available. Make payment and I'll arrive promptly with meditation cushions etc.

    Conquer fear/Conquer Self


    Join a community of other unicorns.

    We will work together for 8 months - live online (so you can be anywhere in the world).


    Each month we will work on different areas: judgement, self - sabotage, conquering fear, following your joy, the ego, the subconscious, your thoughts.


    • Learn about yourself.
    • Your behaviours and how your core beliefs impacts your behaviours and how to change this
    • how you are sabotaging yourself and your life
    • what you are saying to yourself
    • Why you are attracting certain people in your life and attract the people you want
    • Understand your judgements
    • Be the person that you've always wanted to be
    We will work together in a community. There will be a workshop every month and weekly optional session to work through what has come up that week. When you start working on these areas, you find the universe gives you lots of little tests. It's time you not just passed them.



    Free mini e-course on Self Love: learning to love yourself


    Join me for a 9 week e-course and journey to self love. You will receive an email in your inbox every week with activities to understand yourself and build your confidence in you.




    Join me for a 9 week e-course and journey to self love. You will receive an email in your inbox every week with activities to understand yourself and build your confidence in you.

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