• Make Mondays Marvellous

    I'm on a mission to Make Monday's Marvellous again!


    This is a club for women where you'll learn how to see your role in a new way, develop yourself, learn some leadership skills or get support changing careers if that is the right thing for you.


    Make Mondays is about finding out how not to hate Mondays, but learning more about you and what you need and want and by gaining skills and knowledge to develop personally and professionally. 


    It is for working women all over the world. A place to share, support, learn and be inspired.


    It is the development place I wish I had when I was learn to be me in the working world. 


    We've started off the month of June supporting you with changing careers. We're in the process of writing some training sessions and putting together events to support you even further. You'll find on the Facebook group, tips, tasks, downloads and soon some videos from some expert friends.


    You'll even find this month a communication style quiz and later in the month a video discussing this in more detail.


    If changing your career isn't your thing, we'll also be helping you develop in your role: understanding you, learning to say no and other skills to be a leader in your life.


    We'll even have an event or three, you can join us for a bit of networking, a wine or two and a coffee club.


    Start by joining the free Facebook group.

    Join as a VIP

    Coming soon: we'll have a membership club for Make Mondays Marvellous. Attend secret events, enjoy free training, discounted coaching/mentoring and lots of other tools to help you develop in your career.

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