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    Where Business meets Life.

  • Melanie is an experienced Life and business coach and mentor. She has over 17 years experience.


    At the moment, Melanie is accepting very few clients. She has a waiting list to work with her. Email us at: choosealifeyoulove@gmail.com, if you would

    • Work with you to re-gain your confidence (after a breakup, job loss or other situation)
    • Leadership, performance management
    • Business strategy


    Businesses Melanie has worked with: NHS, Eurostar, Westfield and BBC.


    Melanie has over 17 years experience as a coach (and trainer). Before starting her own business, she was Head of a Global Learning and Development department. She has coached leaders at all levels of business, all over the world. Now she uses that experience to help women in business get the most from their people, as well as helping them grow their business, as well as themselves.


    Contact Melanie to organise a call to see if she is the right coach for you, or if you would like to join her mastermind group.

    Check out Melanie's ebook on Amazon - http://tiny.cc/wrcvoz

  • What some of my clients have to say

    Melanie is a gem. She helped me find tools to manage my fear and be able to do this on my own.



    What an awesome session. I finally feel like I am almost there.


    Melanie has helped me grow my business and myself. She has allowed me to learn how to manage my people better to get the most from them, while understanding myself.



    Learning to slow down, observe and look to see the beauty in everyone and everything was a new challenge, a big change from the usual rushing through daily life as a stressed out blur. It has helped to learn to see a familiar city environment in a new and more positive light. I highly recommend.





    I went from not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, to starting a business and doing something I loved.



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