• Get back into your body

    Dates: 30 November 2017

    What's the secret your body is screaming to tell you, but you're just not hearing?


    What if you could learn to tune into your body, so you could hear what it's telling you? Reconnect. Hear its whispers. Feel its joy?


    We have become distanced from our bodies. Too often in our minds. Thinking, overthinking, analysing. All of that is exhausting. Who wants to feel like that? Our bodies are often giving us messages, telling us that we are holding onto hurt or pain, or we're stressed. or anxious. Often these signals happen before the mind hears it. We ignore these, or just don't notice them. By getting back into your body you will be able to understand where you have blocks, what's stopping your flow, your abundance, your creativity, attracting abundance into your world.


    Tuning into your body can also help you manage and reduce stress and aniexty.


    Join me and connect with your breath, your body and learn to tune in. Feel what your body is telling you.


    We'll mediate, laugh, breathe, dance a little and discuss. Let's have some fun and make new friends.


    By the end of three hours together you will have:

    • learnt to tune in and listen to your body
    • understood some of the messages your body is telling you
    • practiced a bit of meditation and mindfulness
    • have tools to take away, to continue to practice

    Who am I?


    I'm Melanie. I'm a transformational life coach, freelance trainer, meditation faciliatator and lover of gin and coffee (among other things). I'm a faciliatator of change. It's what I do and have been for over 17 years.


    I was stressed, burnt out, exhausted all the time. I certainly wasn't in love or like with where I was in life and my life just didn't flow. I applied for new jobs, but kept getting no. Blocks were appearing everywhere. I just wasn't feeling the joy and there was definitely no stopping to smell the roses.


    It wasn't until I started to connect with my body again, that my life started to shift and change. I was able to manage the stress in my life and therefore exhaustion. Most of all I was able to start to heal and let go of past relationships and hurts I had been holding onto. And as I listened, I could hear and heal. My life changed and now I'm connected to me. I'm happy. I'm slowly loosing all of the weight I put on and was unable to shift before. The flow is in my life again.


    Cost £45


    Book via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshop-get-back-into-your-body-tune-in-tickets-39140789154

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