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    Come back soon to hear about new meditation classes, workshops coaching programs and free courses.

    Meditation class

    Every Thursday | 12:30 - 1:15pm

    Join me at Gracelands, The Yard in Kensal Rise for a lunch time class. This will be a guided meditation, aimed at energising and relaxing.

    90 days to your new job

    Start date TBD (August 2018)

    Join the 90 days to your new job. A new career program to give you the best chance of getting that next job that is right for you.

    • You will be given feedback so your CV is tweaked and ready for the jobs you are applying for | Or you create one from scratch
    • Interview prep and practice so that you are ready for your real interview and feedback around this, so you can be your best self
    • Support you in applying for jobs
    • Help you understand the culture fit of your company and why this might be important for you
    • Give you tools to build your self-confidence
    • Understand what you want from a job and what your ideal next job is
    • Understand why you want to move on from your current job (or your last job)
    • Meet a HR manager and recruiter and find out what they look for in candidates
    • Understand your skills and strengths and what you are bringing into your next job
    • Be able to talk about money
    • Have your interview ready outfit 



    Q. What do you want out of your new job?

    Q. What you like about your last/current job and what you don’t

    Q. What’s your ideal job and how are you going to get there?

    A. Values: what’s important to you

    A. Write down all of your skills and examples of how you demonstrated the top 3


    WEEK 1

    • What will cover
    • Who’s who
    • Let’s look at your pre work.
    • What jobs are you going to apply for?
    • What’s an ideal CV look like? | What’s yours look like?
    • Start to work on your CV
    • Write your resignation email

    WEEK 2

    • Feedback on your CV and make changes
    • Your linked in profile
    • Let’s talk about social media

    WEEK 3

    • Meet the recruiter: What do we look for in your CV and application
    • Should you follow up with the recruiter 
    • Ask your questions
    • Is your CV ready
    • Now it’s time to start applying: Write a list of all the places you want to apply
    • Set up automatic job notifications
    • Let’s talk about picking up the phone

    WEEK 4

    • The job application
    • Start applying
    • Apply for 3 – 5 jobs in the next week
    • Phone recruiters during the week

    WEEK 5

    • What’s stopping you? Any blocks?
    • Let’s build your self confidence?
    • Procrastinating?

    WEEK 6

    • Are you getting any responses?
    • What’s happening?
    • Let’s start interview prep

    WEEK 7

    • Interview prep

    WEEK 8

    • Follow ups
    • Building your desirability

    WEEK 9 AND 10

    • Starting the new job
    • Continuing to apply


    • Facebook Group – peer to peer support
    • Values activity
    • Knowing what you want 

    Each session 3 hours | No more than 25 people per group | The sessions will involve role play practice, coaching and you will be given feedback on your CV and your interview prep | If you don’t do the work, you won’t get what you need from this. Although we are here to support you as much as possible, it’s ultimately up to you | Share to the facebook group. Maybe one of your peers has a contact for you.


    Cost: TBD

    Location: TBD (Central London location)

    Start date: TBD (August)











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