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You've received that call. The one that says, 'we'd like you to come in for an interview.' You're acting cool, while wanting to squeal inside. This is the one. The job that you want. The company that you want to work for. If you haven't been for an interview for a while. Here are a few interview tips.

1. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. The three P's. Don't just go in there and wing it, thinking you know what questions the interviewer will ask. They may ask standard questions, but they may also ask questions that you don't expect. If you have prepared, you'll know your answers and be able change them depending on the questions.

2. Don't speak negatively about your current role or employer....EVER! There are ways to explain why you left a previous role, or company or why you want to leave. You may be feeling frustrated, de-valued in your current role, but there is no need to mention that in your interview. No matter how friendly the interviewer seems. Never ever talk negatively about your previous/current employer in an interview.

3. Know your weaknesses. This can be a hard one for some of us. We don't want to talk about our weaknesses to potential employers, but this questions is often asked and trying to think of an answer on the spot can leave us looking blankly at the interviewer. When thinking about your weaknesses, make sure that you can also explain how you are/or have made changes to ensure this weakness isn't a something that will impact you in your new role. I have often heard this weakness in interviews: being a perfectionist. But surely not everyone out there is a perfectionist! Make the weakness something relevant to you. And if you are a perfectionist, then how do ensure that doesn't impact you negatively at work, because not everyone is a perfectionist and in a lot of start up roles, being a perfectionist can be detrimental to the startup process. Really think what weakness and the role you are applying for.

4. Just as importantly. Know you strengths. This is what you are at the interview for. To be able to explain why this job is for you. So know your strengths and talk about them in relation to this role. For example if you're applying for an office job and driving a car is one of your strengths, unless you may need to drive for the role, then this might be something you don't discuss.

5. Know why you want to work for the company and be able to clearly articulate this. Practice this a lot. Ask a friend to listen to you as you answer this question. Look at the companies mission and values and see if you can link your answer with their values.

6. Know what value you can add to the new role. Why you? Where can you make a difference? This isn't about bragging. This is the reason you're applying for the role. Why does you experience, your skills fit the role?

7. The last tip, pop into the loos before you go into the interview and do your wonder woman pose. If it sounds dubious or you're not sure what it is, check out an abridged version of Amy Cuddy's ted talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7dWsJ-mEyI

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