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YOU and your inner critic - Live in the Flow

Let's defy what it is telling us

I've been talking and thinking a lot about my inner critic. That little voice that says you won't make it, you can't wear that. Why would anyone listen to you? What have you got that's worthwhile to say. I call it negative self talk or the inner critic because that is what it is. Negative. Rarely fuelled with anything loving or supportive. It's the ego keeping us safe, comfortable. But if I stayed in a that comfortable place I would have stayed in Australia, never travelled, never pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Not to say that you have to move country or travel etc to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but we all have different comforts. Different safe places.

For me, my inner critic wants me to be small, because that's safe. Not stand out. Not let anyone notice me. But guess what it's too late. I stand out. I'm not skinny, I often wear sunglasses on my head (even when it's raining), I like to laugh, I talk about sex, I can be a quirky dresser. The list goes on. But my inner critic isn't who I'm meant to be. It's just my ego trying to keep me safe. It has learnt that by being small, not standing out that I can be safe. But that is a lesson that my ego learnt when I was a child and unable to process as an adult.

But I don't have to listen to my inner critic, that nasty little voice. That's not who I am. I can un-learn those lessons and learn new ones.

What is your inner critic saying to you. Who is it stopping you from being?

Stop listening: I visualise chopsticks removing the nasty thoughts from my head when it starts. It doesn't mean those thoughts don't come up, but it means that I don't spiral into further nasty thoughts.

This is me: I am a woman. I am an entrepreneur. I am strong. I am proud. I love myself. I have a voice. I defy you inner critic. I am proud of my scars, my stretch marks, my rolls of fat, my wrinkles, my mistakes, my joys, my friends, my family, my past, my future and the person I am and who I will become.

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