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Yoga. Meditation. Are these the only ways to calm the mind?

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No! I mean that's a big no! If you're looking for stress reduction (which is what a lot of my clients come to me for, but leave wanting to do more meditation), then there are so many ways to achieve this.

If you are looking for stress reduction and yoga or meditation aren't your thing, then let's discuss what else you can do, because there are loads of things.

Gardening, running, walking, walking in nature, pilates, dancing, reading, people watching, tai chi, spending time with your kids etc. Oh the list goes on. Anything that gets you out of your head, where you're not gnawing at what's happening today, what is going to happen tomorrow, what to have for dinner, who are you inviting to your party, will they like me, do I look good in this. All those thoughts are exhausting! The activity just has to be something where thoughts can merrily pass by, or if you catch hold of one, just let and it go and be in the moment.

Yoga and meditation are wonderful, but if you are after some stress reduction, then find a place to sit, grab a coffee or a cup of tea and get lost in watching people pass you by. Notice, but don't engage those thoughts. Just be and enjoy.

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