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Work from home - dressing for the office

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I am newish to working from home. When I worked in an office, I had the occasional work from home day. I relished sitting in my yoga pants (ok, sometimes my pjs). Now I run my own business and work mostly from my kitchen table (my London flat is too small for a permanent desk), yoga pants just doesn't cut it. The days I have face-to-face coaching or run a workshop is easy, but that is only once a week. So the dilemma. How do I feel like a business owner, but still feel comfortable. Both of these are important for me. I am sitting at my computer for most of the day and either on Skype or the phone for coaching sessions. 

I find wearing jeans, a pretty (but comfortable) top, my slippers (I just can't wear proper shoes in-doors) and lipstick. I used to wear mainly black in the office, but as my business is about changing how you think and look at the world, I pushed all of the black clothes to the back of my wardrobe. I found I didn't have a great deal of colour, so I did have to invest, but I found eBay was a great source for finding pretty and colourful tops. I still have the occasional black top day, but I didn't want a uniform. The new wardrobe has helped me shift from being in an office to running my own business. It also means I can pop out for a coffee with friends at the drop of a hat. I also invested in a few bold accessories to change the look of any outfit.

Lipstick? You ask. It has been a pasty winter and I am looking paler than ever. I am loving the quality of my skin by not having to wear makeup everyday, but a little lipstick just brightens my very pale face. 

I'd love to hear how you dress when working from home. I'll be doing more blog posts on working from home. I'd love to hear any questions you have. 

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