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The universe: I welcome love into my life

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Earlier this week I was out at a concert. It was beautiful, moving and full of passion. I felt a further opening of my heart and said to the universe, "I welcome love into my life." I continued to sit and enjoy the music, just letting the thought make it's way to her song.

An hour later, I was sitting on the bus, looking out the window and wishing for the ability to wriggle my nose and be home. Nearing the end of the ride, a man came up to me and pushed a note into my hand and raced off the bus. In my daze, it took me a moment to realise what it was. I gingerly opened it to find, his number and the words 'Call me please', hastily scribbled on this tiny bit of paper.

The universe is truly working for me. I give gratitude and thanks for the universe being so quick to support me in my intent. I welcome love into my life, in all its beautiful forms. Let her magic work for you as well.

I'm Melanie, a facilitator of change. I can work with you through workshops, retreats, or coaching to help you live your life with you purpose. I do this, by helping you see what you are attracting into the world and how to use your body to understand what is happening in your mind, to find your joy and use it as a messenger.

I've got a workshop at the end of November, drop me a line and let's discuss if it is right for you. Or just drop me a line. I don't bite.

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