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reminder: you're awesome

I was talking to a new client today and we discussed how tough she was on herself, self doubt and that pesky inner critic. I was reminded of tool that I don't often talk about, but which has made such a difference. It is a book I created, called Evidence to Contrary. The idea is, that when I'm having a moment where I think I am crap, or wonder how I am where I am etc. You know those moments. Evidence to the contrary, is there to remind me of some of the great things I have achieved. Feedback I've received. Because when that little voice is going to town, all of these things I have achieved goes out of my head. I find I struggle to remember what makes me laugh when she is at her peak. So, sometimes we need reminding of the small things. So here is what I have in my book:

  • Who I can call to really talk to when I need it
  • What makes me laugh
  • Things I enjoy doing
  • Feedback I have received
  • Things I am proud of
  • Things I have achieved 
  • What helps switch my brain out of moody
Put together your own Evidence to the Contrary. I have it in a pretty notebook that was a gift. Because some days we need help being reminded of what we have achieved. And it's ok to have it out and look at it everyday if you need to.
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