'Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force' - Lao Tzu

It's been an interesting couple of months. I had been working on whether I should change jobs, start a business, take time out to publish my book or move back to Australia. But I wanted to live in the flow. The idea that glided me on the flying carpet to my destination.

I knew it was time to change careers (probably a little past my ideal time), so originally the option was find a new job. After searching, getting great calls about jobs and CV nothing eventuated. I had to rethink. No doors were opening. I was knocking loudly. So I asked the universe again - what is my next step? I meditated. I listened. I waited. No answer. 

So I tried different doors to see if a different one would open. I applied for jobs back in Australia - nothing. Should I move back to Edinburgh for a while - nothing.

I texted a friend and told her what I was thinking and that I was waiting to see which option popped. She laughed and said I was sure to get an answer soon.

A couple of days later she texted me to ask had any doors opened. I messaged back no. Not yet. She responded. I hate it when you call the universe and you get an engaged tone. 

I laughed. But she was right. I was on hold. So I waited. I kept throwing out different options (the universe can't help you if you are sitting on your tush).

It wasn't until a couple of months had passed another friend messaged to ask if I was available to meet. She was going to be near my house. I hadn't seen her for a while and really wanted to catch up. But I already had plans. A minute after she messaged me. My other plans cancelled. A few back and forth texts and we couldn't seem to make our timings work. I was lunching with my sister and would get back too late to meet her.

On way home I decided to see if she was still about. She was, but still a no. The universe didn't like that answer because her course she was running - ran over. The timing was perfect. We met and caught up. She asked if I would like to run an event with her. Why not I thought. After all it's what I do for a living, just in an organisation. We agreed to think about the subject. I already had a couple of ideas I was floating in my head, but none felt right. It wasn't until I was coaching a new business owner who was starting her business on the side that the idea appeared. She was feeling overwhelmed with how she was going to achieve it all. I asked her to take a step back and break it down into small chunks. Let's make it feel achievable. Often we are stuck in the bigger picture and struggle with the how, that we get into overwhelm. It was then I knew what the event I wanted to do was. So I emailed my friend. She said she was already doing something similar with someone else. I was bummed. But the idea wouldn't leave my head. I was seeing signs (literal signs) that were telling me to go for it.

So I made it happen. I am running the first event on 9 Dec and have expanded my coaching. It's time to make a career of this. So I've jumped into the unknown and my fall has been broken by the flow of life. I am sending my energy off into different directions to test what flows. You have to do the work. But when it's right. Doors open. You're not hitting walls. You being cheered as you walk through. Let the universe be your cheerleader, because it really really wants you to succeed. Live in the flow.

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