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Hey, I'm Melanie. I thought I'd introduce myself if you've just popped over here for the first time. I am an author, speaker, coach/mentor and I run workshops and retreats. I didn't get here by accident, although in my life before now, I just fell into whatever felt right and that worked. But when I got to the place of knowing I wanted something different than the job I was in, I really struggled.. I just didn't know what. I had so many ideas, I could have filled a hundred books.

How did I get from here to there?

I got there by taking a quiet 30 minutes and sitting down and visualising what I wanted my life to feel like? Yep, you heard me. You've often be asked what do you want your life to look like (and we'll get to that), but not what you want it to feel like. I think this is a real shame. For me, this was the missing piece and it has been the missing piece for many of my clients.

So where do you start?

Sit and just breath for a moment. Allow your mind to wander, daydream. Have a notebook or a piece of paper and write down whatever comes into your head that excites you. Do this for five minutes.

Ok, so now you're in a creative space. I want you to take another piece of paper and sit and think and write: what do I want my life to feel like. You are going to do it based on different areas of your life (as below). Don't limit yourself, to think this is impossible. You can do that later if you really want. But dream big.

  • relationships: not just with your partner, but with your family, friends, relationships at work. Sit and then write down how you want to feel about these relationships. How connected do you want to be? For example: I wanted to feel real connection with my friends, to be able feel like they always had my back supported me, I could go to them anytime etc.
  • work, business: if you're a stay at home mum, this is a job as well, please don't leave this piece out. How do you want to feel about your work, business etc. Really expand this, dream it.
  • Yourself: we often leave ourselves out of this, but your relationship with you is important
  • Money/finances: I like this separate from business as sometimes we get to caught up in our own limits about money

Where are you now?

Now I want you to take a moment a put number from 1 to 10 to understand where you are now for all of these areas ( 1 being not there at all and 10 - totally there).

Thinking question: Which one is the priority for you?
Now let's create what it looks like:
You've done most of the hard work, now I want you to really flesh out, in as much detail as possible. What do you want your life to look like in these areas? I don't want you to think about the how, just what it looks like.
Once you've done this, give yourself a couple of days to add and change the list. We'll do the next step, next week.
Good luck and reach out if you have questions
Or alternately: join me on my group coaching program, starting in August. Or book a 1-2-1 with me:
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