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It's officially begun

2018 and beyond

2018 has hit. I keep reading that this seems to be everyone's year. I admit that grates me. Let's not just have one year as our year. Let it be from now on. From today, this moment. It doesn't mean stuff doesn't happen. Stuff always happens, but surely (aside from disastrous situations) we can make every year 'the' year. There just might be a different focus or goal for each year.

For example: Last year was my first full year in business. I had big dreams and goals. Now, I laugh at my own naivety. It was a tight financial year, but it didn't make it a year I was desperate to leave. Instead it became a learning year. Sometimes things don't work out how we expected. The question becomes, were those expectations realistic (mine weren't)? How can we shift our perspective, so it doesn't feel like failure, but instead something else? 

Did I fail because I didn't mean my goals? No. They have just taken longer to achieve and because of that, I've been able to get clearer on what my passion is and where I want to focus my work.

Small shifts in the way we see things, allows us to reset and create something even better. It's the journey, not the destination and I intend to enjoy, each and every year.

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