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Finding your joy - Live in the Flow

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Are you wishing your days away? Looking at the clock, waiting. Counting the hours til the weekend (sometimes the seconds). Planning your holidays, telling yourself you can wait until then. You have to. You can hold out. You think you can!

Why? We are made for pleasure. Made for joy? Remember what it felt like when you where a child. Filled with laughter. Filled with joy. It's time to re-connect to that.

This doesn't mean quitting your job, or your life. What it does mean is reconnecting to you. Understanding what fills you with joy. What makes you laugh and anticipate. What makes you lose yourself and giggle as you did as a child.

Too often we are moving too fast. Looking to the future. Doing. Planning. But in all of that rush, we're not rejuvenating ourselves. I don't mean a trip to a spa (although that would be nice), or a day meditating. What is it that makes you feel lighter, happier, filled with joy? Do you know? It's not just what you enjoy doing. It's that something more.

Remember what it feels like when you come back from a great holiday. You're lighter, happier. Little niggles don't affect you. Life feels rosy. For a while.....

But why wait for your holidays. Instead. Find those things that make you feel like that, all year. This is what allows us to not look at the clock every minute. When we are regularly doing those things, we are energised. Able to face to face the drudge, without feeling like we are dragging ourselves around.

Try this activity: Sit with a piece of paper and spend a couple of minutes thinking and writing down what makes you feel lighter. Is it spending time with certain friends? Dancing? Being in nature? If you are struggling with knowing what this is. That's ok. Think about a time in your childhood when you just laughed and felt that lightness. What were you doing? Can you do something similar as an adult? Have a list of these things. Some small and some big. Now schedule time in your diary to do these things. Start with once a month. Check in with yourself. Tune in. Is once a month enough? I always feel like I am topping myself up when I do these things. The more often, the more joyous my life is and other things become joyous.

Here are a couple of things that fill up my soul.

  • laughter with friends
  • a night out dancing
  • a day walking through the forest, being able to feel the bark beneath my hands
  • reading in front of a fire
  • playing board games with friends
I'd love to hear about what fills you with joy and makes your soul dance a jig.

I'm Melanie. I am facilitator of change. What does this mean. I run workshops, retreats and coaching to help you find your purpose and live your life with joy. I run workshops on 'self love: building your confidence'. 'Tuning into your body and using it as a tool for love'. 'Pleasure, joy and you'. 'Finding your purpose'. Just to name a few. I use lots of tools. The first one. Is understanding you and your body and using your body to find out what you need. I'm big on Law of Attraction and use it in my own life to set intent and manifest. 

I'd love to hear from you.

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