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Feeling happy everyday


There is sunshine in my soul today. Anon

There are numerous studies out there about happiness. What is happy? The question should be - what is happy for you? Do you know what makes you happy. Is it when you are laughing with friends, spending time with your family, out in nature etc. What makes your heart sing and your soul fly?

For me, it is the small moments - sitting having a really good coffee and watching people pass by. Spending time with my sister. Spending time with a friends - whether on the phone or face to face. There are so many moments that make me happy. It is knowing those and remembering when I am tired and think I can't face the journey to see my sister, that I remember how happy I am when we're just hanging out.

So take a moment to be grateful for three things that make you happy. Go on. Do it now. 

How do you feel? Different than a moment ago? You can use this same technique when you are having a bad day. Studies have shown, by writing a gratitude diary, you will increase your happiness. Why don't you try it......

Check out Shawn Achor delivering his TED talk on happiness to see the other two things he recommends. I'll also be blogging about them here. 

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