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Don't have time for change?

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I don't have time.....

This is the answer I get when I ask my coachees - what's stopping you from achieving your goals (or for some - working out what your goals are)? Most of the people I work with give me that exhausted look and shake their head. I just don't have time.

That's not strictly true is it? We have time to watch tv or scroll through Instagram or Facebook. But that's different. Those things don't take active brain time. You can switch off the conscious brain and head into that blissful sub-conscious territory. You don't need to think. You can just be and let the fingers scroll. You may switch back on for a moment or two, if you see a post from a friend or something interesting, but it doesn't require you to actually have to do anything too brain strenuous.

Don't feel guilty. The brain needs to switch off. That's what the sub-conscious is there for, to take over when it recognises a familiar task - driving the car, washing dishes etc. If we were thinking, being and doing all of the time, you would be even more exhausted than you are.

How do you make time, when you feel you have no time! You know that you need to change. It could be - wanting to become fitter, loose weight or making major change, like you want to do something different with your life!

What I advise my clients, is to start by making small changes. Just 10 minutes a day. You've got 10 minutes, most days. Right? And if possible, add the change into something you already do. Incorporate it into your day and then tell a friend about it. Someone you can talk to about the change you want to make and who will help hold you accountable.

For example: if you want to get fitter. Can you get off the bus earlier? Can you take a 10 minute spin around the block at lunch time. Start small, make it achievable and you're more likely to succeed at long term change. Once you've made that small change. Then bump it up. Give yourself time. This way, the change won't feel stressful or unachievable. Be kind to yourself.

If you're trying to lose weight. Work out what changes you want to make. Change one meal at a time. If you're motivated and able to make the change all at once - go for it. But if you're in overwhelm. Make one change. Make it a habit and then make another. 

If you want to make big changes in your life. Start small. Give yourself time to brainstorm ideas. Book 20 minutes into your calendar at a time you know you can and just mind map possible ideas. By scheduling in a finite amount of time, you push yourself to have it completed in that time. Where as if you sit down and don't know where to start, you could spend an afternoon or a day and come up with nothing. Once you have mind mapped. You can spend 20 minutes each week narrowing done each of the options you came up with, until you narrow down to the idea that sings to you.

Making change could start with as little as 10 minutes a day. What are you going to do different today?

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