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Does everything have a silver lining?

· choice,Change,Management

I had to deliver some difficult news today. It wasn't nice. It wasn't personal, it was a business decision, but I am sure it felt it. There were tears and the struggle to understand the reason why? And I get it. 

The decision wasn't mine, but as I manage that person, I wanted to deliver the news. When asked by the individual, what did I think. Was the decision the right one?

I had my human hat on, my manager hat, my trainer hat, my business hat. Which one fit for that moment!!! I decided it had to be the truth. Yes. I did believe it was the right decision. I understood the business decision etc etc, but I really felt was that the person wasn't happy anyway and although it was hard and difficult news. It was a chance for them to make the change they were wanting to.

Is there always a silver lining - maybe not. Maybe not in that moment. But I believe you can choose to look at change as an opportunity to.......change. Sometimes, when decisions are taken out of your hands, that's the only thing that you have - to choose to look at it as an opportunity, or to....not.

You always have the the choice to 'feel' the way you do in any situation. How do you want to feel?

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