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Are you taking time for you?

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Are you spinning round and round and feel like you aren't getting anywhere. Just living the day to day. Work. Home. Sleep and knackered on the weekend? And then it starts all over again. Whether you're a high flyer, own your own business, a mum, student etc - it is important that you are doing something for you. Something that makes your heart sing and your soul sigh. Rejuvenating your spirit doesn't just have to be for holidays or weekends.

Ask yourself? When was the last time I truly felt happy? What was the last thing that made me belly laugh? What was it I did that truly made me happy and why? It doesn't have to be something big, it could be as small as taking time away to have a cup of coffee without being interrupted. A nap in the afternoon. Meditation. Listening to a great tune?

It may take time to come up with those answers. If you can take 10 minutes. Write it down.

Now you've thought about it - are you able to make small changes to in-corporate these things into your day. It might feel impossible, but if you are open to the possible. Start with something small. Do you want to incorporate more calm in your life, more laughter, more exercise.

I understand how you feel. I made big change in how I felt about myself in my job and the stress in my life. The big change, was made by starting only 10 minutes a day and sometimes only 2 minutes.

I wanted to start meditating. I had mediated before and knew that it would help with managing the stress I felt and being able to switch off. It felt unachievable. I tried a couple of apps, tried it on the way to work, but it just wasn't for me. It wasn't til a friend and I agreed to do a 40 day challenge - meditate for 10 minutes everyday. Having someone who I could share my frustrations with, be held accountable and only having to do it for 10 minutes and only for a defined time (40 days) felt possible. So we did. I had hiccups on the way. But could feel the immediate change. After 40 days, we did another 40 day challenge. And now I can see the possibility - 10 minutes is nothing. I meditate most days and it has changed how I manage stress. Those heart palpitations are gone and I feel in control of my life. Guess what....some days I only meditate for 2 minutes. But that's ok. 10 minutes changed my life and has allowed me to make other changes that now feel achievable. What's your 10 minutes?

I use the calm app - I can tell it how many minutes I want to meditate for (guided or not). I can then meditate for that period of time. 

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