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6 signs you're not in your body

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There are many reasons we become disconnected from our bodies. It could be anything from overwhelm to a painful event or experience. We seek to escape our bodies as this is where we feel anxiety, overwhelm, stress and pain. This feels uncomfortable and we don't like uncomfortable, so we stop listening.

Here are six signs that you may have disconnected from your body:

1. Feel numb: being emotionally disconnected. Not having the same depth of feelings in situations you have previously. Situations occur that are painful and we don't want to feel that pain, so we ignore it. It's not that it isn't there, we just stop connecting to it. This isn't something the we do consciously, but often as a protective mechanism. It's just important to remember to reconnect and move through the pain, when you're ready.

2. Always in your head. Overanalysing. Overthinking: When we are always in our head, we forget that there are other ways of solving problems. This might be a place that you feel comfortable, but too much thinking can be exhausting.

3. Unsure of your decisions: you've started to lack confidence in your ability to make decisions. You find yourself sometimes paralysed by the thought and end up not making a decision.

4. Head in the clouds: this is when you've stepped out of your body. Wanting to escape. This may happen every now and then, but when you are constantly in this place, you may be always be loosing things, your brain is foggy, you struggle to think clearly. This is less about tuning in and more about just getting back into your body.

5. You're overwhelmed all the time and don't know how to get out of it. Sometimes thinking a situation through doesn't resolve the overwhelm. You need to feel where it is and understand what you are saying to yourself.

6. Your creativity feels blocked. It feels overwhelming to be creative.

By tuning back into your body and hearing what it is telling you. You can start to understand the signs you body is giving you. Be aware of anxiety or stress, so you don't get to overwhelm or exhaustion. Learn to scan your body for signs of discomfort, so you can use it as a tool when making decisions. Our bodies are messengers. How we are feeling is reflected in our bodies. We can use this understanding to change our state, or understand what we need to heal or move through the pain. Each of us is different and the experience of how our bodies react is unique.

I'll be doing a series of posts on connecting with the body. Keep an eye for the next one.

I'm Melanie. A facilitator and coach. I run workshops and coach individuals on how to reconnect with their body, as well as understanding what your body is telling you. Reconnect with your body. Understand how your language impacts your abundance and your subconscious. My next workshop is in November.

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