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5 days of manifesting and visualisation

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Wow. It's been an interesting five days already. There is a fair amount of resistance coming up. I'm not in the belief stage for the manifestation about money. Doesn't that say a lot about my core beliefs!

For anyone who is reading this and hasn't read my previous blog or watched my youtube video, let me explain as succinctly as I can. I have started a 30 day visualisation and manifestation project. This is for me personally. The idea is to use visualisation to feed my subconscious new patterns, beliefs etc. And a little manifestation. I'm on day 5 and woozers!

I'm visualising around money, relationships and my book. The visualisation around my book seems to have less resistance. It feels like I am almost there. I still feel a little clutching fear at succeeding though. Something to sit with, honour and ask my body what I need to be able to work through it.

Some of the techniques I am using are: meditation, Donna Eden energy medicine - using a spoon to ground. These are are all aimed at the root chakra and energy centre, which for me is specifically about money. The root chakra is about stability.

I suppose what was most challenging for me was working out what to start visualising and manifesting because that is where the core beliefs start. I mean. What do I really want? I went round and round with that for ages. I also had to work past that and my pattern is to chop and change, but what I did on day 1, was made it simpler. I have stayed with the same visualisation since, making it richer and richer. I visualise both morning and night, just before I go to bed.

So day 5, it's early, but I am feeling a small shift and it's great to see what is coming up for me. It means I can work through it and challenge my old patterns by practicing new behaviours. I coach this with clients, but it's as much for me, this work as with the people I work with.

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