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3 benefits of meditating during your lunch break

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If you're anything like I was, lunch at your desk is the standard. You know it's not ideal, but there are a hundred emails that you still haven't looked at and the extra time means you might be able to leave on time(ish). I'm hoping that you aren't. I'm hoping that you have your allotted lunch and if you work from home, you allot yourself a lunch break.

We all know the value of a lunch break. That time allows your brain to rest, which means you are able to focus better in the afternoon and you're probably more productive. Even better is the value of meditating for a short period of time (or reading a book, listening to a podcast, or something similar).

Let's outline some of the benefits of meditating at lunch:

1. Breath deeply again, lower your stress levels (so you're not getting to that chronic stress state, that's the dangerous state that can affect your health.)

2. Rest, re-focus and rejuvenate, so that you are more productive in the afternoon

3. You don't have to get up any earlier to meditate in the morning and you can drink all the wine you want in the evening, knowing you have already meditated for the day

There are many other benefits to meditating, but why not start a lunchtime practice. It takes only 10 minutes a day for you to start to see the long term benefits of meditation. Why not start today?

I run live meditation sessions via Facebook live (4 sessions a week). Now there are no excuses. No need to leave your desk, or the comfort of you living room. Don't worry about messy hair, or a messy desk. You can see me, but I can't see you. But we can meditate together for 10 minutes or more. If you're interested, have a look here: It's only £15 per month. Let me support you on your journey to a happier you and let's have some fun on the way.

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