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2017 - the beginning, the new.

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It's been an interesting beginning to 2017. The first couple of days I felt really unmotivated. Reading, lying in bed, copious naps and netflix are all that filled my days. It wasn't really until Sunday that I started to get back into the flow. I was a little worried that I was going to have to kick myself in the bum and give myself a pep talk, but all ironed itself out and I am back in the flow. I know I needed the rest time, but with editing my book and starting a new business I also knew I had a lot to do!

I'm now in the flow for my book, which has turned out to be a bit of rewrite - eek.... and starting to plan my year for workshops, coaching and coaching programs. Watch this space, lots of yummy things coming up. 

If you want to see some of what I have been doing - check out my podcast on podbean or iTunes. Just search live in the flow. Or for anyone with iTunes - click on the link on my home page.

I hope you are having a productive beginning to the year.

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