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    Hey, I'm Melanie. Born and raised in Australia, I moved to London in 2007. I worked most of my career as a trainer and coach and was the Head of Learning and Development for a global company. But it was my passion to want to make real change in individual's lives that made me decide to start my own coaching business. I help people like you make actionable change in your life. To live through the heart and not the head.


    In 2014 I remember sitting at my desk and thinking I can't do this anymore. I had been spent the last couple of years working long hours, rarely seeing friends. I stopped doing anything I loved and I didn't recognise myself. I was exhausted, stressed. My health was starting to suffer and I thought that has to be more than this. More to life. Surely I am meant for me? It took me 18 months before I made the change and started my own business. I haven't looked back since.


    I often get asked how did I get to where I am now? After all, I studied Medical Science at university and that was where I began my career. Whether it was divine intervention or luck, within my first year I was offered the opportunity to be trained and mentored as a trainer and coach. I jumped at it. Little did I know, those many years later I would start and run my own successful coaching business, helping hundreds of people like you in their personal and professional life.


    When I moved to the UK, I stumbled upon a job which had me working with VIPs and occasionally staying in 5* hotels. It was that job and company that took me all over the world as Head of Learning and Development. But let me tell you a secret. I was burnt out, unhappy and stuck. I kept trying to find my purpose, applying for different jobs, shortening my working week. None of it worked, because I was trying to put a bandaid on something that couldn't be fixed. I had to look at all of my life. My job and exhaustion was a symptom of someone unhappy with where they were in life. So I jumped and made the change. And here I am now. Happier than I've ever been. Still working it out, but just enjoying each moment.


    If you work with me. You'll have someone who is your cheerleader. I'll hold you hand if you need it, but when you're ready I'll push you to stand on your own two feet, because babe you can. You got this and I'll show you how. I'll show you the moon, but you just have to be ready to make change.


    I read lots of books by Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer and the occasional Tony Robbins, but you will find my own version of coaching. I'll show you how to be that empowered individual that you are. To stop listening to that sneaky voice in your head and instead learn to listen to your heart and to follow it. If you're lacking confidence, don't worry, we'll work on it together.

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