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    Think there is something more than the life you are living? Then you're in the right place. Let's make something more happen.

  • I work with women who want something more. Maybe you don't know what that is, but you know there is something or maybe you're clear and you just need the support to make it happen.


    I help women make career change, start businesses, take on the world, be the woman you've always wanted to be, find your purpose.


    I know that life is messy, complicated. Maybe you haven't made change because you've lost your mojo or lost your self confidence or just don't know how. I can help in all of those areas.


    I understand. I lost my mojo. I was stressed, unhappy and had no idea what I wanted to do. My weight had ballooned and I just didn't know what to do. I didn't know who the person was when I looked in the mirror. Change isn't easy, but it's worth it. Let me help you make it happen and make it easier.


    I've been coaching women like you for over 15 years. I love what I do. I get really excited when I see you achieve your goals.



    I also run a women's business mastermind group, for women who have their own business. We meet monthly and we have a call half way through the month to see where you are with your goals. Once a year we meet to strategise your yearly goals. This is as social as it is about building your business. Meet like-minded women, enjoy good food, achieve your goals and have some laughs.


    Give me a call on 07931256259 or Email me @ choosealifeyoulove@gmail.com



  • What some of my clients have to say

    Melanie is a gem. She helped me find tools to manage my fear and be able to do this on my own.



    What an awesome session. I finally feel like I am almost there.


    Can we have sessions more often!



    Learning to slow down, observe and look to see the beauty in everyone and everything was a new challenge, a big change from the usual rushing through daily life as a stressed out blur. It has helped to learn to see a familiar city environment in a new and more positive light. I highly recommend.



    A beautiful sunny morning @ the Southbank, London in the capable hands of Melanie. What a motivating morning. 3 valuable hours to relax & focus on the 'big question'. What was 'Work 2' became 'Life 2' after my wanderings along the Thames. The tune-up time was incredibly powerful. I joined the event a skeptic - I left a convert. Mindfulness works!




    I went from not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, to starting a business and doing something I loved.



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