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    What's the secret your body is screaming to tell you, but you're just not hearing?


    What if you could learn to tune into your body, so you could hear what it's telling you? Reconnect. Hear its whispers. Feel its joy? Read more...


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    If you want to find your purpose. Live a truly joyful life. Or just work out how to change your perspective to live a happy life, now. Then work with me.


    I believe life is busy and making change can be difficult, if you haven't learnt about yourself. What stops you from making change stick. Why you think a certain way. And the coping skills to keep yourself in that balanced place is right for you.


    You may, like me. Didn't learn those behaviours and habits throughout your life, that you need to live the life you want. It's not too late to unlearn those old patterns and re-learn ones that are helpful and add to your life.


    I am a facilitator. I help you change the way you live your life. The way you see your life. The way you see yourself. I believe in Law of Attraction and use my scientific knowledge to help you see how you can re-program your brain. These are all tools I have used myself.

    Chat to me (I don't bite) for any of these areas: coaching, group coaching or my workshops. All of these are about helping you live a life where you can say, I love my life. And I honestly love who I am.


    If workshops aren't for you, I also do: Skype, phone and face to face are all methods that I use for coaching.


    I love my life. I want you to love yours and when things don't go the direction you want or expect. You have the tools to bounce back and change the direction to the one you want.


    Love and Light



    Let's have a free 15 minute chat to see if we are the right fit. Choosing a coach is important. It is about connection and communication. When I agree to work with you and we discuss the areas you want to work on, I will recommend how many sessions and how often, but you are free to choose!

    See some of the coaching programs I run:

    Feeling frustrated? Burnt out? Know that there is something more than the life you are living? Than the 9 - 5? Know that you have a purpose?


    Join Wicked Women Coaching program: Be empowered. Do what you love. Be that wonderful, kickarse woman that you really are. Take your idea and make it a reality. No more sitting on the fence. No more hiding your brilliance. It's your time to shine your star. Be seen and valued.


    This could be for you if: Maybe you are working and have started your business on the side, or you have a project that you want to work on. Maybe you've had this great idea and have told yourself one day. One day is today. It doesn't matter what business you want to start: it could be anything: travel, craft, coaching, training, fashion, charity. All are welcome.


    Join Wicked Women group coaching. We will work on your business strategy, goals, money mindset and you will set yourself up for success in your business. Gain confidence, learn to be a leader, set you business up for the future, not just for the next 6 months. Be a business woman who lives the life that you desire, on your terms. You will have a 1-2-1 coaching session with me to get you ready to join your peers. You will work with other women, who will be able to support you with feedback and a growing network. This program is only for woman who are ready to make change in their life, personal and professional.


    We will meet every 2 weeks in central London (online coaching will be available from Jan 2018- contact me to book now).


    After 12 weeks, you will have access to exclusive content (only available to other women who have joined the program) via a Facebook group, where you can ask for ideas and ongoing support from your peers.

    Next group: TBD


    A one off coaching session:

    Find your next career or personal move.

    If you are struggling to work out what you want to do with your life and just need some guidance to make this happen, I offer a 1-2-1 one off session. We will explore what's holding you back. What your passions are and what you want your life to look and feel like.

    This could be you:

    - if you are a mother thinking of going back to work

    - want to change careers

    - just have no idea what you want to do

    - Know you have a purpose and not sure what that is


    You'll be given homework before hand and then we'll spend an hour and a half together via Skype or what's app (we can meet face to face if you live in London). I'll recommend some further reading or you tube videos. You can book a follow up session (if you want), when you're ready (but no obligation).

    Design your life


    Session 1: In the first session we will look at what your goals are. What is it that you want to achieve and we will put a plan in place to start getting there. This is not just your standard I want to achieve X, let's look at the big picture. What do you want your life to look and feel like and what's stopping you from getting there.

    Session 2: ( a fortnight later). We'll start working on the goals.

    Session 3: (6 weeks after your first session) This session will be to set you up to ensure you aren't sabotaging yourself. Understand yourself and how to continue achieving your goal.


    These sessions for anyone who is more of a self-starter, but just wants some push and a little guidance along the way, but is also struggling with what they want their life to look like and wants someone to help them design that (we'll also use a few Law of Attraction tools). You'll be making it happen, I'll just be helping you be accountable in the beginning.

    Contact me via email: choosealifeyoulove@gmail.com

    Work with me

    Hello my beautiful people. I'm Melanie. I am a Lifestyle and Business Coach with a transformational twist. Speaker. Storyteller. Thrive Global Contributor. Meditator. Believer in the power of the body-mind connection. Coffee Addict. Gin lover.


    What does that all mean? I create a safe space for us to work together. For you to share your dreams, your concerns, the whispers of your soul. Together, we work together to make that happen and to see what is blocking you.


    One week may be discussing your dreams and how to make them happen and another, might be discussing tools to help you achieve them, or what's been stopping you from working on them.


    What other people have said about walking sessions.


    Learning to slow down, observe and look to see the beauty in everyone and everything was a new challenge, a big change from the usual rushing through daily life as a stressed out blur. It has helped to learn to see a familiar city environment in a new and more positive light. I highly recommend building it in to daily life.

    A beautiful sunny morning @ the Southbank, London in the capable hands of Melanie. What a motivating morning. 3 valuable hours to relax & focus on the 'big question'. What was 'Work 2' became 'Life 2' after my wanderings along the Thames. The tune-up time was incredibly powerful. I joined the event a skeptic - I left a convert. Mindfulness works!


    More about me:


    After 17 years working as a leader, trainer and coach in a corporate environment, I was stressed, burnt out and wondering what to do with my life. I knew that there must be something different than the life I was living, but I just didn't know what. I was also too tired to really take the time to think about it. But one day I sat at my desk and just thought I can't do this anymore. So I started to plan. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I had all the tools. So I used them to design the life I wanted and six months later I had left my job and started my own business. Now I'm here helping your find your purpose, or get clearer or how you want to create the flow in parts of your life. Core beliefs, patterns, behaviours these are things I often talk about in my social media. Don't worry, you don't need to know what any of these are for us to work together.


    I absolutely love what I do. Let me help make it happen for you.


    I value kindness, good coffee, the human soul, laughter and the ability to live a peaceful and joyous life. What about you?




    More about me

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