• Terms and conditions

    By subscribing to Online Meditation you are agreeing to adhere to terms and conditions set out below.

    You agree that you have a Facebook profile and are happy to be part of the group Online Meditation, where you will take part in meditations.

    1. If you have signed up for the free trial (whether 7, 14 or 30 days), you will be removed from the group within 48 hours and will not have access to any of the meditation tools.

    2. You agree to treat your fellow meditators within the group with respect, kindness and human decency and if you the administrator finds that you are not, they will give one warning before cancelling your membership.

    3. You agree not to sell your own business or products in the group and to only use it to communicate about meditation or similar interests. If you do not adhere to this, you may be removed from the group and your membership cancelled.

    4. You will not organise events with the group, without the approval of the administrator.

    5. The aim of these meditations is to fit into your day. These are not designed for meditators who want to meditate for long periods of time. They are guided and breath meditations. By subscribing to this group, you agree that you have experienced a meditation before subscribing and are happy with the style and length.

    5. If you have severe anxiety or depression, you agree that you have sought advice from your medical professional before joining this group and doing these meditations

    6. You are responsible for your own meditation practice

    7. If you wish to cancel, you agree to give at least 3 days notice before your next payment is due, or you will have to pay the next months subscription fee.

    8. You agree that the payment method used to pay for this membership is yours or you have approval of the owner to use this payment method.

    9. You agree to pay the monthly subscription fee until you communicate that you would like to cancel.

    10. You agree that you are over 18, or have your parents approval before joining this service.

    11. You agree to communicate any problems in the group with the administrator

    12. You understand that this group is not connected to any religious style or technique and any opinions about spirituality are the meditators own

    13. You understand there are different styles of meditation and that the meditator will on occasion demonstrate different styles, but is by no means an expert

    14. You understand that the meditator has not had formal training in mindfulness or meditation, but provides these meditations based on extensive experience. This by no means takes away from the experience that you will have with these meditations.

    15. You understand that there will be guest meditators delivering meditations at times. You will be notified in advance, where possible of these.

    16. You understand that there will be occasional face to face meditation sessions that you are invited to, these will be at an extra cost to your subscription.



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