• I am a Mindful Wellness coach. I work with executives, entrepreneurs and business owners and individuals to find balance in their life and minimise stress. I do this by helping them understand what they need to manage stress, decompress, as well as what they are doing to create stress in their life. These sessions can be done remotely or face to face (my preference).

    I do talks on managing stress in the moment. I also run sessions in businesses called Meditative Wellness. This session that helps individuals learn the importance of having tools to manage stress and ending in a 10 minute meditation. Everyone leaves with practical tools.

    I founded Live in the Flow after working as Head of Learning and Development for a global company, a fast paced and stressful environment. My health suffered and I just wasn't enjoying life. I had all of the tools, but I just couldn't seem to find time to use them! Sound familiar? It was when I started incorporating small changes in my life that my stress became manageable and I started to find other tools to cope and make change in my life. But you don't have to leave your life, or wait for that next holiday to be able to live a life that is balanced. You can live this life every day.

    I believe finding balance is personal to each person. It isn't always about yoga or meditation or mindfulness (although they are all wonderful tools). It is about finding balance that is suitable to the individual. Balance isn't about sitting on a mountain in a bubble of calm, it's about having the tools to bring you back to that place when you fall off the wagon and the tools to decompress.

    I also run workshops for individuals on self confidence, tuning into the body and learn to meditate.

    I am also Freelance Learning and Development expert and Street Wisdom facilitator.

    Contact me to discuss your individual or business requirements. As an L&D expert I approach my sessions with goals and outcomes. Email me at: choosealifeyoulove@gmail.com or 07931256259

  • Workshops for women on Self: Confidence, Play: Pleasure and Creativity and Self: The Body. Or join me for our fortnightly women's group: Fuck the stress or overwhelm: Let's get rid of it for good or 1-2-1 for a more gentle Mindfulness Coaching package.


    I believe finding your emotional and spiritual joy is about understanding yourself and finding your balance, understanding what you say to yourself and knowing what brings you joy. Sometimes you just have to say F*ck it and make the choice to choose love:  Click here for more....

    Are you wishing your days away? Looking at the clock, waiting. Counting the hours til the weekend (sometimes the seconds). Planning your holidays, telling yourself you can wait until then. You have to. You can hold out. You think you can!

    Why? We are made for pleasure. Made for joy? Remember what it felt like when you where a child. Filled with laughter. Filled with joy. It's time to re-connect to that.

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