• Mini E-course:self love: start liking yourself (starts 1 Jan)

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    Mini e-course - Self Love: building confidence

    “You have been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
    – Louise L. Hay


    Stop listening to that voice in your head. Learn to start liking and loving the body you're in now. Not when you... loose 5 pounds, have clear skin, NOW! Learn to like yourself as you are.


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    I'll send you an email once a week, with activities, inspirational quotes, occasionally a video or audio file. Let's start the journey together with me supporting you. Because you are a wonderful, beautiful soul and there is no one as amazing as you. It's time for your light to shine.


    What we'll cover:

    • Your inner critic and you: how to disrupt that pesky voice that is putting you down
    • a little work with your inner child 
    • kindness and the happy drug
    • finding your passion
    • reframing how you see your world and you
    • and a number of other subjects
    This is a beginner mini-course to start you on your journey to start liking yourself and reframe how you see yourself. The journey starts with you. It isn't an overnight fix, but what's the alternative? Start changing how you see yourself. There will be a number of activities for you to try. You'll have time to integrate changes and embed them over the 9 weeks.


    Starting 1 Jan - do at your own speed

  • Design your dreams worksheet. What could your life look like?

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