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    Meditate on Tuesday

    7:15 - 8:00 pm

    West Greenwich Community Centre

    Room 15

    141 Greenwich High Rd,


    SE10 8JA

    Closest Station: Greenwich DLR or Greenwich Rail Station

    Join me on Tuesdays and let's meditate together. We will start with a relaxing meditation to clear your head from your busy day and will end with a beautiful guided meditation designed to relax and energise you.


    All welcome. If you're a highly experienced meditator, this may not be for you as the length of time we meditate is to bridge the gap for newer meditators, but feel free to come along, I'd love to hear from you.


    If you want to meditate, have mediated a little, or never meditated, then I come along.


    Just turn up or email me if you want a friendly face to welcome you at the door (that's me by the way).


    Cost: £7 or bring a friend for £10 for the 2 of you


    Self Love workshop and events

    Coming soon in London and online

    Free mini e-course starts on 21 June

    • Learn to quieten the inner critic
    • Change the way you see the world and yourself
    • Be comfortable in your body
    • understand how your mind works and why you can use it to change yourself
    • Have practical tools to use. This isn't just theory. this is about change


    Find your purpose

    Coming soon in London and online. Watch out for my e-course

    If you have found it difficult to find your purpose, but know you have one. Then join me. I struggled with this for a long time. I knew there was something more, but I didn't know what. I kept trying different things and nothing popped. 


    Law of attraction

    Coming soon in London and online. Watch out for my e-course

    Learn to use your subconscious and your dreams to attract what you want

  • Learn to Meditate

    Let me know if you would like me to run this in your studio

    Join me to learn to mediate. In this hour and a half workshop, we will explore different meditation techniques and how you can incorporate meditation or mindfulness into your every day and why!


    Come along to this workshop to learn to mediate and have some fun while you are doing it.


    If you are an experienced meditator, hopefully you learn new techniques to deepen your practice.


    A little about me: I was taught to meditate by a nun at school when I was 12. I didn't really understand what I was being taught, but it was the best thing that ever happened. I had severe migraines and this was the only thing that helped. I continued to use the technique whenever I had a migraine. It wasn't until I went to do Vipassana that I understood the true benefits of meditation and I have continued to meditate (on and off) since. I love meditation, because at it's core it is a breathing and focus technique that can improve so many areas of your life.


    Numbers are limited.

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