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    Dear wonderful dreamer, creator, lover, beautiful soul,


    Don't doubt yourself and who you are and what you are meant to be doing. Your soul knows what to do. Your soul knows what you need, you can do it, but maybe you want some help? You've been doing an amazing job so far, but you want some 1-2-1 guidance or to work with a tribe.


    Do you need help shifting your perspective on situations, life? Want to be a happier version of you, but don't know where to start. You feel messages coming from different places and you don't know which ones are true or where to start. You've begun your healing journey, but you need some guidance on where to go next.


    In a few sessions we could start to shift how you see the world and become clearer on what you want. I can help you set goals and stick to them, work out what makes you stuck, see a different way of interacting in relationships and situations. Understand why you keep giving up. Silence that critical voice. Start living a more authentic life. Find your version of you.


    Check out the about me and my blog posts to see whether we are a fit and call me for a 10 minute chat to see whether we are the right fit.




    Solo session

    These are sessions for anyone who just wants one session to get some guidance on your next step, your career, your business, setting goals or starting to understand what your dreams are. Maybe you want to start a blog and you don't know where to start. Whatever it is, let's find out how we can work together.


    We'll spend 60 minutes via Skype or what's app (we can meet face to face if you live in London). I'll give you some homework or we'll set some goals. I'll recommend some further reading or you tube videos. You can book a follow up session (if you want), when you're ready.

    Block of 3 sessions

    This allows us to spend some deeper time together, really getting to know each other and understanding where you are at and what's stopping you. We can discuss anything, for example - what's stressing you out, changing jobs, wanting to change careers, life. Do you want to write a book and you don't know where to start.


    Let me help you to feel more empowered to find answers for yourself.


    We'll spend 3 x 60 minutes via Skype or what's app (we can meet face to face if you're in London). We'll may set some goals for the sessions. You'll give yourself some take away actions and I'll give you some further reading or resources.


    Group coaching sessions - starting soon (places limited)

    Do you have an idea for a new business, but don't know where to start? Working full-time and struggle to make time for your idea. Need a tribe to help you make it happen? Well join me for a 6 week coaching program starting soon. We will work as a group and build your idea. You will actions to do during the week, to make this happen.

    This is for you if:
    - You have an idea and struggle to structure yourself to make it happen
    - You have an idea, but you don't know where to start
    - You want support of an experienced coach and mentor to guide you and help you break through your limitations
    - You want to join a tribe of 7 other women. More voices, means more feedback
    - You want a tribe who can support you

    - Want to start a blog or write a book
    Places are limited. Message me if you are interested. I'll be posting more details soon.
    Sessions will be over Skype etc. Cost will be introductory price of £129 for the 6 week program.

  • why work with me

    Hello my wonderful dreamers. I'm Melanie. I trained and worked in medical science. I was Head of a Global Learning & Development department for many years and a trainer and coach. I write books, I meditate and I paint. I believe that life should be lived in the flow, that sweet spot where all the doors are opening and you're stepping through. When you are doing what you are meant to be doing, then life flows. But it's important not to just sit on your butt and wait. There's work to do, learning to happen, fun to be had and there are up and down days, but that's ok. Let me help you learn to accept those.


    My biggest shift in how I saw the world and that I had the capability and power to change it, was when I was bullied by my boss. It was a wonderful wake up moment (thank you A). In came a coach who helped me understand dynamics, negative self talk (that damn inner critic),my core beliefs and how to change the outcome of the relationship/situation. And I did. I've had a few A's since, they have just helped me strengthen that learning. But I see the world through positive eyes and changing outcomes.


    I believe in living a holistic, but human life. Meditation, writing and painting keep my analytical mind (I trained as a scientist after all) balanced. I trained as a kinesiologist, but never practiced. I love talking about how to stop my core beliefs from being the driver of my life. I can set wicked goals and I'm pretty good at helping you understand why you aren't achieving them. Do you really want that goal is generally my first question. I think the word 'should' puts too much pressure on us. And in the world we live, finding your balance (not that yogi that you follow on insta) is the key to feeling less exhausted. I also believe self love is hazy concept that most of us don't really understand, but I believe it starts with understanding yourself and quietening the critic in your head (let him have an armchair view, not front row).


    I value kindness, good coffee, the human soul, laughter and the ability to live a peaceful and joyous life. What about you?



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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

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